CDR Magnetic Drive Pumps



The ETS pump is a close coupled magnetic drive pump unit, manufactured from material including 316L Stainless Steel and exotic alloy Hastelloy ‘C’. The units are a robust heavy duty pump unit, available with drives from 0.75kw to 7.5kw.


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The UTS series of pumps are the long-coupled version of the UTS-B magnetic drive pump units. These are the real work horses of the range, designed in accordance with International Chemical process pump standard DIN 24256, and available in either 316L Stainless Steel or Hasatelloy materials.

The UTS is currently far outweighing all expectations, with current European sales figures, far outweiging predicted forecasts.

The units lend themselves to any heavy duty application, with the ability to add heating and/or cooling jackets, bearing flushes, bearing flush filters, Zirconium Oxide Isolation shells for high temperature applications, all to meet the most arduous of duties used in modern Industry.

The long coupled design allows for electric motor drive from 0.75kw to 90kw motors, and when required can easily be ATEX certified.

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The UTS-B is a close coupled version of the UTS series of pump, the true workhorse. The close coupled version is available with motor power up to 18.5kw, and withstand temperatures up to 180′C. The units, manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel or Hastelloy materials, are available with full ATEX certification, and again have the option for additional extras such as heating/cooling jackets. external bearing flushes, or indeed, filtered bearing flush.

The units have a very well proven track record in the chamical and Pharmaceutical Industries, and boast one of the largest growth pumps in the entire CDR Pump portfolio.

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Small STN

small-stnSmall STN

The small STN series of pumps are available in either Polypropylene or PVDF material, from motor power 0.12kw to 0.55kw, available either threephase, single phase or even 110v supply.

The units are a close coupled magnetic drive pump unit, designed for the safe effective handling of corrosive and toxic liquors. The magnetic drive pump ensures leakage of hazardous or corrosive liquid to atmosphere is eliminated, making the units a very safe option for both operators and the environment.

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The STN series of pumps have been in production since 2000, and replaced the TMN-B series of units which were very successfull in the marketplace.

The STN pump is manufactured from either Polypropylene or ETFE materials to cover the full spectrum of chemicals used in todays chemical and Pharmaceutical processes.

The unit is a heavy weight engineered product, but commercially, very competitive allowing our users a very robust pump, at a very attractive price, resulting in assurances that chamicals are being handled safely and efficiently.

They are widely regarded as being very easy to work with from a maintenance and application point of view, and really are the Industry leaders for this type of unit.

Motor powers range from 0.75kw to 5.5kw, and are now available as an ATEX compliant pump also.

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The ETN-L pump is a close coupled magnetic drive pump unit, constructed with either Polypropylene or ETFE lined wet-end components.

The units were initially designed for tanker loading and unloading applications, and is the product with which we developed the ability for dry running.

Technical and product developments have since developed this range into a true chemical process pump, and offers excellent hydraulic and technical characteristics, widely acknowledged in Industry as a true ‘work horse’.

We have the ability to supply with various bearing materials to suit a whole magnitude of applications, and is available for delivery in a few days in most instances.

The pumps are available as ATEX compliant units, and in coming weeks, the range will be extended again by the addition of the larger ETN 70 size.

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The UTN-BL pump has been successfully in production for many years, but has recently undergone a significant re-engineering process. The units are a close coupled magnetic drive pump unit, constructed with either Polypropylene or PFA lined wet-end components. The units are designed around the chemical process pump specification DIN24256, and are availabe for design pressures of 16 Bar.

The range comprises heavy duty bearing arrangements to suit a magnitude of applications, and the sizes added to to include larger casings to create extra flow and heads.

Motor powers range from 0.75kw through to 18.5kw for close coupled design, with full ATEX compliance when required.

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The UTN-L series of pump is the long coupled version of the UTN-BL series of magnetic drive pump unit, constructed with either Polypropylene or PFA lined casing. The units are designed in accordance with the chemical process pump specification DIN24256, which allow design pressures of 16Bar.

The re-engineering process has added extra casing options, allowing higher flows and heads on this range to be accomodated.

Units can be driven by electric motor from 0.75kw through to 37kw drive so cover most process plant applications. Units are available fully ATEX certified.

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Mobile Pumping Station

mobile-pumping-stationMobile Pumping Station

The Mobile Pumping Station (MPS) is a specialist pumping station, designed for the safe handling and unloading of the increasingly popular IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) which are used extensively for the storage and transport of hazardous chemicals. Environmental and Health & Safety legislation is applying pressure to Industry to ensure the safe handling of chemicals is a priority for operatives, and this unit takes into considertaion all these consideration factors.

This unit is built around the hugely popular STN series of magnetic drive centrigugal pumps, mounted into a fabricated Polypropylene carry case, complete with 1.5″ Male Cam-Lock connections, and control valve. Units can be driven by either 110v or 240v supply, and comes complete with 5 metre lead.

The unit has been designed in conjunction with many of the leading chemical distribution companies, so all considerations have been taken into account to ensure safe effective method of safley handling bulk chemicals while on site, while maintaining a truly portable pump solution.

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